Manjakani Perapat-A VIRGIN EveryNight NEW!

Manjakani Perapat-A VIRGIN EveryNight NEW!
Item# manjakani-perapata-virgin-everynight-new

Product Description

Sehat Wanita Perapat Manjakani Pills (72 Jamu Pills each Box) ________________________________________

Manjakani Perapat tightens vagina works from the inside. We sell the original premium quality Jamu Manjakani Perapat. Each box contains 12 sachets of 6 small pills in sealed plastics with English manual. The manual will guide you on how to consume the Jamu pills. I will also be able to email you the manual if you would like to have a soft copy for your reference. Just ask. All my Jamu are brand new and you are assured of high quality Jamu from me. Directions for use:

* Take regularly 3 pills 3 times daily before meals. The pills can be taken along with other medications. * For specific use of women secret please see the enclosed manual.

Some Usage for the Jamu Manjakani Perapat:

* To tighten Stomach and Vital muscle (Known as Sarirapat) * Cures excessive white mucous/white discharge (CLinically known as Flourus Albus) * Eases flow of urine and menstruation (Acts as menstrual regulator) * Cures pains in stomach and back during menstrual period. * Tightens and beautifies breasts.

The manual thats included in each box will guide in detail directions the quantity of pills to take for every aspect of women feminine concerns.

* How to stay fresh and Healthy sex relationship. * How to get rid of pains during menstrula period. * How to ease urine flow. * How to cure inflated stomach * How to retighten uterus and stomach muscles after giving birth * How to cure white discharge * How to get rid of vaginal odor * Many more usage for women secret uses.

This sale is for ONE BOX Majakani Perapat with delivery WorldWide!